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Popular Recipes
1. Easy Kaju Burfi
     (7 Views Today)
2. Spicy Green Chicken
     (6 Views Today)
3. Sukhi Chana Daal
     (4 Views Today)
4. Paneer Cutlet
     (4 Views Today)
5. Tomato Chutney
     (3 Views Today)
6. Egg Omelette
     (3 Views Today)
7. Punjabi Fried Chicken
     (2 Views Today)
8. Beetroot Halwa
     (2 Views Today)
9. Cha Cha
     (2 Views Today)
10. Potato Bhajia
     (2 Views Today)

1. Pudina Chutney - Mint Chutney
     (285 Views This Month)
2. Sarsoon Ka Saag
     (240 Views This Month)
3. Rasgulla
     (170 Views This Month)
4. Instant Potato Dosa
     (152 Views This Month)
5. Naan
     (138 Views This Month)
6. Beetroot Curry - North Indian Style
     (115 Views This Month)
7. Poha - Bread Style (Double Roti Poha)
     (114 Views This Month)
8. Vegetable Pulao - Vegetable Rice - Pulav
     (104 Views This Month)
9. Amb da Achar
     (86 Views This Month)
10. Strawberry Kulfi
     (85 Views This Month)

All Time:
1. Karela Masaledar
     (8660 Total Views)
2. Vegetable Pulao - Vegetable Rice - Pulav
     (8444 Total Views)
3. Rasgulla
     (7789 Total Views)
4. Amb da Achar
     (7698 Total Views)
5. Pudina Chutney - Mint Chutney
     (7417 Total Views)
6. Adrak Cha (Chai) - Ginger Tea
     (6220 Total Views)
7. Besan da Laddu
     (6099 Total Views)
8. Cholay Bhaturay
     (5781 Total Views)
9. Chicken Tikka Masala
     (5584 Total Views)
10. Tandoori Naan
     (5151 Total Views)
Secret Recipes
1. Sweet Corn Cutlet
2. China Grass Pudding
3. Virgin Pina Colada
4. Cottage Cheese Curry
5. Prawn Til Tikka
6. Mushroom and Peas Curry
7. Shrikand
8. Coconut Caramel Pudding
9. North Indian Simple & Great Chicken Curry
10. Saon Papdi
Welcome to Punjabi Recipes .NET!

Welcome to Punjabi Recipes .NET, the home of all the BEST Punjabi recipes! Punjab is a state in North India, and also parts of Pakistan, and it is home to the most delicious food in the world! Please enjoy the North Indian recipes and Punjabi recipes throughout this site! Punjabi recipe categories are listed below.
Punjabi Breads Recipes
Breads are a wonderful side item to any Punjabi dish! North Indian breads such as tandoori naan are eaten with the main course as an accompaniment.Punjabi Breads Recipes

Punjabi Snacks
Hungry, but it's not yet dinner time? Try one of our wonderful Punjabi snacks! One of our favorite North Indian is the delicious paneer kebab!Punjabi Snacks

Daal - Lentils
Dal is actually cooked pulses and lentils. There are lots of varieties of daal all throughout India, but not a SINGLE one of them is any match for our wonderful Maharani Daal! Already tried that one? Then give the rajma a shot!Daal - Lentils

Punjabi Rice Recipes
North Indian rice is a great alternative to the breads that usually accompany meals. Although, sometimes it's better to have both the breads, AND the rice! One of our most famous Punjabi rice recipes is the jeera rice. This makes a great side item to ANY dish!Punjabi Rice Recipes

Punjabi Dinners
Probably one of the best meals throughout India is a Punjabi dinner! Dinner from North India usually consists of a filling dish with a few sides. One of the most famous Punjabi dinner dishes is the chicken tandoori. If you are looking for a vegetarian main course, definitely try the chana.Punjabi Dinners

Chutney - Pickles
Chutneys and Pickles (achaar - achar) can accompany just about ANY Punjabi recipe dish! The perfect chutney, our pudina chutney (made from fresh cilantro and mint leaves) for example, can enhance the flavor of many meals. Also, the typical amb da achaar can make delicious meals taste even better!Chutney - Pickles

Drinks - Lassi
The drinks of North India are very widespread, and very refreshing! Taste a bit of Heaven with our gulab lassi, made from rose syrup! If you are in the mood for a hot drink, don't miss out on the adrak chai!Drinks - Lassi

Punjabi Sweets Recipes
Perhaps the most enticing kinds of Punjabi food are the sweets! To make things better, there are TONS of sweets in Northern India! One of our FAVORITE Punjabi sweets is vesan da laddoo.Punjabi Sweets Recipes

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Best Recipes
1. Chicken Makhani
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
2. Subji Pulao
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
3. Peas Kachori
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
4. Puri - Punjabi style
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
5. Butter Chicken - Gravy with Butter
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
6. Sooji Halwa
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
7. Hariyali Chicken Tikka
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
8. Almond Kheer
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
9. Batura
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
10. Baingan Kachori
    (5 Stars - 1 Votes)
New Recipes
1. Jeera Chawal
(Daal - Lentils)

2. My mom`s yummy Cutlet
(Punjabi Snacks)

3. Chickpea/Kabuli Chana Choley in Punjabi Style
(Punjabi Dinners)

4. Mushroom with Green Peas Curry
(Punjabi Sweets Recipes)

5. Rice Pakora
(Punjabi Snacks)

6. Prawn Curry
(Punjabi Dinners)

7. Mitha Khaja
(Punjabi Snacks)

8. Dhudhi Koftha
(Punjabi Dinners)

9. Spicy Egg Vindaloo
(Punjabi Dinners)

10. Stuffed Capsicum
(Punjabi Snacks)

11. North Indian Simple Carrot Halwa
(Punjabi Sweets Recipes)

12. Hyderabadi Fish/Machhli Fry
(Punjabi Dinners)

13. Bread Pakoda
(Punjabi Breads Recipes)

14. Mixed Vegetable Kuruma
(Punjabi Dinners)

15. Prawn Pakora
(Punjabi Dinners)

16. Kaju Paneer
(Punjabi Dinners)

17. North Indian Jeera Rice
(Daal - Lentils)

18. Gulab Jamun - Mouth Watering Sweets!!
(Punjabi Sweets Recipes)

19. Bread /Rice/Cheese Bombs
(Punjabi Breads Recipes)

20. North Indian Chicken Tikka
(Punjabi Dinners)

21. Coriander Chicken
(Punjabi Dinners)

22. Bhindi Masala
(Punjabi Dinners)

23. Gajar Halwa (Carrot Halwa)
(Punjabi Sweets Recipes)

24. Dahi Sandwich
(Punjabi Snacks)

25. Kashmiri Mushroom Soup
(Daal - Lentils)

26. Baked Egg with Khoya
(Punjabi Sweets Recipes)

27. Easy Chicken Spaghetti
(Punjabi Dinners)

28. Paneer And Cabbage Kulcha (Stuffed Kulcha)
(Punjabi Breads Recipes)

29. Gajrela
(Punjabi Sweets Recipes)

30. Cabbage Pakoda
(Punjabi Snacks)

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